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The 508 – Stego’s Fixed Gear Ride Report

The Furnace Creek 508 is a road bicycle race. It is known as one of the toughest races in the world, 8th toughest according to National Geographic beating out the Iditarod!

I made it even tougher by doing it on a fixed gear bike.

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The road to the 508 – Thanks and Webcast Info

I have spent the past few years mentally and physically preparing for The 508 and tomorrow the craziness begins. At this point it doesn’t matter if I finish being able to make it to the start has been a huge accomplishment. And I have many people to thank for this:

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2011 Miles

Training this year is coming to an end and i’m hoping I didn’t peak too early. A lot went on this year with key milestones being my clavicle fracture and new bike.

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Crew Practice

After our 508 crew phone call, Team Stego decided to do a full dress rehearsal. Complete with van rental, PA system, walkie talkies, hand signals, hand offs, leap frogs, follow support, amber lights, and all the rest that goes into a rider-crew team.

I designed a route that included flats and climbing, and with a 4pm or 5pm start we can get daytime and nighttime practice. We agreed to do it on Sunday and the next available date turned out be September 11.

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Fundraising for Pratham

I am planning a “food ride” to benefit Pratham.

We will be doing a bicycle ride on September 25 to an Indian restaurant for dinner. We will be heading into the heart of LA’s Indian community so please join us for good people and good food.

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Poor Man’s PBP – Day 3

[For Day 2, Click Here]  [For Day 1, Click Here]

I wake with a pain in my leg. It beats the alarm by a few minutes, kind of a natural wake up. I stretch it out and start getting ready. I didn’t really plan to pack 3 meals for breakfast so I figured I would consume my liquid fuel a bit faster and then have a nice sit-down meal when the sun is up and I reach a populated area.

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My new bike

After approx 10,000 miles on my size 59″ Soma, I am finally getting a bike that “fits me.” It’s hard to make the transition to a 54″ frame, to curved handle bars, and to a stem … and probably not the wisest thing to do a week before my 1000k … but I figure I have to do it at some point in the future if I want this to be my 508 bike. Megan has been working on my bike for what seemed like months and finally gave it to me last Saturday. I have done about 50 miles on it since and feel like I am learning to ride a bike again. A very pretty bike.
Here are the pictures:
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