The road to the 508 – Thanks and Webcast Info

I have spent the past few years mentally and physically preparing for The 508 and tomorrow the craziness begins. At this point it doesn’t matter if I finish being able to make it to the start has been a huge accomplishment. And I have many people to thank for this:

  • Thanks to Chris Kostman for creating the event, and planning it to occur on a full moon. Although it is the same weekend as Tour De Fat and CicLAvia … oh well. 
  • Thanks to my awesome crew of Kat, BJ, and Stevo for agreeing to endure the pain and joys of the 508 with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.
  • Thanks to the AIDS/LifeCycle and PCH Rando communities for pushing my riding distance limits from 20 to 40 to 100 to 400 mile rides!
  • Thanks to all those involved with my post-crash recovery. Vicky Bachman and her husband Lance who took care of me in the SLO hospital. Dr Kevin Ehrhart who did the surgery. Terry Gillette who did my physical therapy. The good doctors at ISPI (Dr Buckly, Dr Williams, Dr Patton, and Dr Matthews) who made my recovery much faster than average. Lacey who gave me an awesome massage that magially made me faster. Meghan and Gary Kavanagh who leant me their bike trainer, and Mark who brought me the scary rollers that I never used. Josh Jones who did acupuncture on me. Thanks to Nicole Honda who taught me to accept help, and leant me her clavicle recovery tools.
  • Then there are those who helped me in the bent phase of my life. Thanks to Marcus who is great riding company and as nuts as I am to ride a tandem recumbent trike having not ridden any of those three types of bikes. Thanks to Dana who lent us the monster green bike. Thanks to Jim and Willie for your advice on bents, and thanks to Willie and Ruth for being so willing to ride the 600k.
  • I received a lot of cycling advice from Mark Kiecker, Matt Ruscigno, Jack Lindquist, and Nate Loyal. Thank you. And thanks for trying to make the Moth Attack bike fit me well. Thanks to Megan for squeezing me in to get my bike built in time for the 1000k brevet. Thanks to George Chester for teaching me how to use a heart rate monitor and coming up with a training plan.
  • Thanks to Swarm for being what I always wished Spoke My Rim would become … an outlet for those who ride in the city and are curious about the limits of long distance events. I have learned a ton from riding with Swarm people, all of whom I idolize and respect.
  • Thanks to the Midnight Ridazz community for pushing me to continue to ride after AIDS/LifeCycle. The many riders and rides that pushed me, especially the Dark Century community.
  • Thanks to the triple crown riders I found this summer who are always game for some awesome adventure. They are like the daytime version of TRFKAS or Bicikillers or Cyclones, three groups I would like to thank for pushing me to ride faster. Thanks to Kerin and all those at the Encino Velodrome for their encouragement.
  • Thanks to Jim Swarzman for teaching me how to enjoy the ride, and who’s tragic passing has taught me how vulnerable we are and how much we need to educate drivers and improve road conditions.
  • Thanks to the SF fixie ultra riders who taught me how to ride in style, and encouraged me with my hub and gearing.
  • Thanks to Caroline for all her riding encouragement, even though she thinks I’m a nut.
  • Thanks to my sister and to Kat for all their support in my fundraising.
  • Thanks to my parents for all their support even though they think I am getting too skinny
  • Thanks to Molly Funkhouser for hooking me up with my bell helmet.
  • Thanks to the previous riders who let me crew for them: Buzzard and Team Ichthyosaurus.
  • Thanks to John Allen for designing the kick butt shirts.
  • And last but not least, thanks to my wife Annick. She has been supportive as much as she hated to pick up after me when I was too tired or busy to pull my weight around the house. She has found a way to encourage me when I am low and be the voice of reason when I push too hard.

I am sure I am missing many others who have supported me over the past few years on this journey.


The webcast will be at this specific link, so let your family, friends, fans, sponsors, and local media know that they will be able to track your progress via our webcast. Also, we will have a live webcam on Friday during check-in (and at the start line and finish line), so the webcast goes live by noon on Friday!


508 fans can follow the official race tweets via our Twitter feed:

5 responses to “The road to the 508 – Thanks and Webcast Info

  1. Good luck! I can’t wait to read the account later. I’m super proud of you

  2. Ride smart and know the memories you are making will get you through the tough part! Go Kat!

  3. Keep it going, Shaun! I’m rooting for you.

    Jim #3

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